The Old Forgotten Words

The English language changes organically from generation to generation. Some of the classics such as Frankenstein are hardly comprehensible, yet they’re written in English. I would think the authors of those novels would have difficulty understanding the language of today. After all, it is possible the English language has been dumbed down beyond recognition.

I’m not referring to bringing back formal language like . . . “she is quite loquacious” vs. “she talks too much.” Our language is missing the pizzazz of the past. Below is a list of words I wish would be used more often.

Humdinger – remarkable

Discombobulated – confusion

Bamboozled – fooled

Subterfuge – deceit

Diabolical – evil

Hijinx – trickery

Flibbertigibbet – talkative

Haberdashery – men’s wear

Gibberish – nonsense

Hullabaloo – commotion

Lickety-split – fast

Gobbledygook – meaningless language


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